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Birchall Tea Competition

Birchall Tea Competition

The Greenfield Collection |

We’ve teamed up with Birchall Tea to offer one lucky winner the chance to WIN one of our Deluxe Flask and Mug Picnic Sets and the whole collection of Birchall Tea, so you can enjoy a brew wherever you wish!

With so much choice of tea, it’s hard to know which tea to choose, so we’ve put together a guide of our recommended tea for all occasions throughout the day!

Start your day with a Breakfast Tea.

Birchall Tea’s Great Rift Breakfast Blend is strong and full flavour, making it perfect to drink for your first cup of the day to wake you up and get motivated. Grown in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, this blend is exclusively sourced from estates in one of the most renowned tea-growing regions in the world. Choose between a standard tea bag, prism or as a lose leaf – which ever your preference. This tea is also available in decaf for those who are limiting their caffeine intake.

Choose Virunga Afternoon Tea for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Make it through that mid-afternoon lull by brewing yourself a flavoursome cuppa made from the finest hand-picked leaf, bud and stems from the tea gardens of Rwanda. The high altitude and low temperatures mean the tea bush grows slowly, providing a tea leaf with a more refreshing taste.

If you enjoy a tea with more aroma, then the Virunga tea is also available blended as an Earl Grey, or mixed with herbs and spices of a vibrant Chai tea.

Make a flask of Tea to take on your adventures.

Darjeeling tea is a great choice for filling your flask and enjoying a warming cuppa on your adventures. It’s distinctive muscatel character, floral aroma and rich flavour makes it an enjoyable brew for pairing with a nice slice of cake for that much needed caffeine and sugar boost on a crisp Autumn walk. Our Deluxe Flask and Mug Picnic Set comes with a handy storage compartment so you can easily transport your snacks wherever you choose!

Tea for improving your wellbeing.

If you’re feeling a little bit run down, then Green Tea is a purifying and restorative drink full of antioxidants that cleanse and restore your natural balance. Low in caffeine means you can enjoy it at any time in the day or evening and still get a good nights sleep.

If you are after a tea with the same health benefits, but more flavour, then this tea also comes infused with peach and marigold for a fruitier taste.

Relaxing tea for enjoying in the evening.

Camomile is famous for it’s soothing and relaxing qualities. Enjoy at night before bed to help you unwind and fall into a rejuvenating sleep. Add a spoonful of honey if you wish for a sweeter taste.

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