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Fine-dining inside can make us all feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Fine-dining inside can make us all feel special this Valentine’s Day.

The Greenfield Collection |

This time last year, would we have believed that we would be in a lockdown as the following Valentine’s Day – this Valentine’s Day – arrived? In this Covid world, how are we to celebrate our love? How are we to declare it to those we feel it for? How can we show it? At The Greenfield Collection, we want those that are special to you to know it – and for you to know you are special too. Right now, it is unity that can keep us all moving forward. So, how can we ensure we all feel unity this Valentine’s Day? How can we all feel special?

Let's just say... we have the picnic collection to help.


What makes Valentine’s Day the Day that it is?

Well, first let us ask the question: what is Valentine’s Day? Is it the flowers that await you at your desk in the office? At the café on your lunch break? Or on the kitchen table for when you come home? Maybe it’s the trail of scarlet petals leading you to a romantic picnic outdoors?

Is it the date night that has you dining for two? But you treat yourselves to that place you have always wanted to go to but never give yourself the chance to. It’s too “expensive” or “fancy” or just “not you.” Maybe it’s too far away? Nonetheless, it is Valentine’s Day. So you treat yourselves and you go.

Heck, maybe Valentine’s Day is all about watching your kids come home from school looking all smitten. They may not tell you… but you know they dropped an anonymous Valentine’s Day card in the Valentine’s Day shoebox in the assembly hall.

With a smile, you remember the very day you did just the same.

Is Valentine’s Day the dinners, the cards, the flowers? Or is it something else? Something that comes with all of these?

A feeling.

That sense of kindness and affection you feel when you show someone they are special. That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when they send a smile your way. And nobody can deny they enjoy hearing they are special too.

At The Greenfield Collection, we believe Valentine’s Day is all about these feelings. Showing someone, and yourself, that they (or you) are special. Cherishing your bond. Whether it be a friendship or relationship or perhaps even both. And taking the focus away from the world around you and bringing back to this bond. To this someone special.

And so, this is where we come in.

Picnic hamper with roses | The Greenfield Collection

Keep hope. Tap into the specialness.

We believe we can help you, and your special someone (or someones), have this feeling on Valentine’s Day – this Valentine’s Day. How we can bring everyone together. How this Valentine’s Day can be one of unity.

Where are your loved ones (your special someones) this Valentine’s Day? Are they a part of your household or support bubble? Or are they outside of such? Are you restricted to only seeing them outdoors on a walk while you exercise? Or on a screen as you video call? No matter where they are, we can help you enjoy their company and tap into that specialness this Valentine’s Day.

An indoor picnic. A lockdown picnic. Or simply a picnic.

Call it what you want. But what we are offering is a special moment where you and your special someone (or someones) can curl up on a blanket by the fireplace (whether it be a virtual one displayed via your Netflix or your electric display, or your actual fireplace) and enjoy dinner with a glass of wine. Our picnic backpacks offer the cutlery, the glasses, and a place to hold your wine.

Why not prep your dinner earlier too and pack it in one of our hampers ready? So not to eat into any of that ‘special’ time together.

We have you covered, whether it is just the two of you in the household, whether the two of you wish to self-isolate from the rest of your household for the evening, or whether you decide to share in the specialness among the whole family. With hampers and backpacks for four people, make Valentine’s Day exactly what you want it to be.

And fear not. We know not all of us are lucky to have our special someones with us in our household. So… load up that video call, plop yourselves down by your respective fireplaces, and tuck into your picnics and wine together.

Do not let the specialness slide this Valentine’s Day.

There is still time. We offer next-day delivery. Order before 12.00pm, Thursday 11th January, and get your delivery in time for your Valentine.

Picnic hamper with roses | The Greenfield Collection

And why not…

 …give yourself that true fine-dining experience and prep yourself a coffee and pour it into an insulated flask ready. Let The Greenfield Collection be your waiter. Ensure you have your food, your wine, and your coffee – all in an instant.

We would love to hear from you and see how you showed that special someone they are, in fact, special. So share your specialness with us and send us your stories and images to compliment them. And don’t forget to use the hashtag: #GreenfieldCollection.

Happy fine-dining this Valentine’s Day.