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Outdoor Picnic Hamper | The Greenfield Collection

The Greenfield Collection |

2021 is here – a time of hope and new beginnings. And yet, we know the first month of a new year can be a month of blues. So, at The Greenfield Collection, we wanted to ensure you will be ready to act on those resolutions and be ready for the outdoors. Our offer is simple: free next-day delivery on any orders of £50 and over throughout January 2021.

In 2020, a year like no other, we all sought the can-dos among the do-nots. And we learned how one ‘can-do’ simply cannot, and will not, falter: moments.

The moments.

They vary – per day per person. But they remain the moments.

The moments we tell our friends, our family, and our co-workers. The moment we photograph, we film, and we caption. We put hashtags to these moments. And we share them with the world.

At The Greenfield Collection, we know these moments well.

And for those lovers of the outdoors, and those determined to become such, we know what makes these moments all the merrier. The cushion of a camping chair. The warmth of an insulated flask and pleasure of your favourite brew. The hamper full of your favourite treats. These, to name a few, enhance the moment.

They make the gorgeous views, the beautiful spots, and the amazing days even more treasurable. After all, with comfort, warmth, and flavour at your disposal, why would you not stay and soak it all in that little bit longer?

For 2021, we have listened to your demands and have ensured we have a range of products available – with a selection of colour choices for them too. After all, it is your moments we are catering for.

We know we all have resolutions to better ourselves come the new year. To get outdoors. To spend more time with our loved ones. To perhaps step away from the digital world a short while. (The Sun told us so!)

So, we urge you to act. To click here. To look forward to 2021. To see those resolutions through. To create the chance for moments, and to enjoy them that little bit more. Together, let us cherish the can-do that cannot, and will not, falter.

Treasure the moments.

And perhaps let us share it.

Send us your stories, your photos, your moments. We would love to hear from you and see where you might be unfolding that camping chair, pouring that well-earned cuppa, or laying down that blanket, ready to tuck into the treats buried in that hamper.