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Your Picnic Essentials This Summer!

Your Picnic Essentials This Summer!

The Greenfield Collection |

Summer is on its way, are you planning to go out with the family on picnics this Summer? Have you got all the essentials for your picnic set? Whether you like the classic picnic look or prefer practical picnic backpacks, we have a whole range of picnic essentials to shop from! So you can enjoy your summer eating in style in your favourite picnic area with a traditional picnic hamper. Or if you like to be more active then one of our backpack hampers may be perfect for your picnic trips. If you like going for bike rides it is easy to wear the lightweight but insulated picnic backpack contains all of the essentials for your picnic.

Planning your perfect family picnic can be hard especially when you want to please everyone in the family. But with all the essentials included in our picnic hampers you can’t forget the essentials ensuring a relaxed family trip! Heading out with the kids for your best picnic yet! With all your delicious food prepared and packed it will stay cool in the summer by keeping in the insulated picnic hamper.

Our essentials include reusable plate and cutlery, meaning less waste and less to leave in the bin or create un-needed waste which is bad for the environment. By using reusable plates and bowls this means less waste to take away with you. These can also be brought out for all future picnic outings meaning you get full use out of all the reusable wear.

Do you prefer picnic chairs or rugs?

Our range of various size picnic rugs available in a range of colours as well. With gingham patterns you can pick out matching picnic rugs to go with your desired picnic hampers. These are perfect to either drape over your picnic bench or across the grass for a comfortable place to have your picnic! Protecting you from the scratchy grass, giving you a soft and warm place to sit with our range of quality picnic blankets to choose from.

No need to worry about going on a bike ride or walk before your picnic as you can always add ice-packs to ensure your food stays cool in the summer heat! Keeping all your food fresh and tasty!

Take some entertainment with you like a wireless speaker to play some tunes to enjoy when out on your picnic. Your favourite summer playlist can be the backdrop to your picnic, whether it’s pumping tunes or laid-back summer vibes!

If your interested in our traditional picnic range have a look today or our backpack with all your picnic essentials!